Aluminum Roller Coating Panel

Aluminum Roller Coating Panel

Roller Coating is pre-coated with PVDF paints on continuous aluminum coils by rollers with or without patterns. With latest PVDF roller coating line, we coat aluminum coil with mono-color or various special patterns to imitate the natural pattern of stone(including marble, granite, limestone and etc even with embossing pattern) ,timber/woodgrain, bursh, concrete, sparkling and chromatic, chameleon, corten steel and etc.
The roller coated coils can be cut, bended and assembled into facade cladding panels, or be fabricated into corrugated panels with specific equipment.

Comparing spray-coated and roller coating

Aluminum Alloy: AA3003 AA3005 1.5-3.15mm aluminum alloy solid panel
Coating Method: Six-coat six-bake production technology
Paint For Coating: PPG PVDF
Warranty: Up to 20-year warranty certified and co-assured by PPG
Quality Standard: AAMA2605
Patters: Natural stone, timber, GRC, corten steel and customized patterns
Texture: Various textures achieved by coating itself and embossing
Colors: Metallic color, pearl color, chameleon, and customized colors
Glossiness: 10%-90% on request
Size:  Maximum Thickness: 3.15mm, Maximum Width: 1600mm, Max Fabrication Length: 9000mm

Our Coating Line  Factory Overview

Pattern & Color
We supply wood finish, stone finish, Chameleon color, solid color, metallic color, and customized colors and patterns. Also if you have any other customized color please let us know your pantone/RAL color code, or send us your actual sample for us to simulate. Brief introduction to different colors and finishes: Read More Pattern & Color
Comparing Coating with Stone finish and Stone Panel

Easy to be fabricated - Irregular Shapes



1.Kronos Sathorn Tower - Togen's stone pattern aluminum roller coating panel, Total area around 9000M2,
2.Tianqiao Highway Service Center,
3.Sandhills Spa Resort,Tieling Woodgrain Finishing,
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