Glass Brick

Glass Brick

Glass bricks are bricks made from glass material, generally crafted from transparent or colored glass into block-shaped, hollow glass products or block-shaped glazed products. Solid glass bricks and hollow glass bricks are both formed by high-temperature pressing in molds. During the manufacturing process, various modifications can be made to achieve different aesthetic effects or levels of transparency, including changing the texture or color of the blocks, creating different shapes (such as hexagons), or bending the blocks as part of the whole. Similarly, glaze or inserts can be added to each block, or patterns can be pressed into the internal space or external surface during cooling.

Application of Glass Bricks
Glass bricks can form walls independently without relying on prior completion of decoration. You can see glass bricks in almost any architectural position. They are suitable for exterior facades of public buildings, interior partitions, floors or ceilings, and home decoration or partitions. They can create a simple, continuous glass surface and lattice texture, curve effects, allow light transmission without transparency, and various surface patterns can be used to maintain privacy.
In architectural design, glass bricks are used in four ways: landscape walls, exterior facade textures, semi-partitions in interior spaces, and combination with other materials.

Outdoor Landscape Walls

For example, in the Deqing China Railway Construction Mogan Mountain Yu project, semi-transparent glass bricks are used as spatial dividers to emphasize the backlit light and shadow effects and the hazy feeling of the semi-transparent space.

At the entrance of the Changzhou Jingrui Yunyu Tianfu Sales Center, the use of glass bricks combined with the crisscrossing walls creates a rich sense of layering. The overall effect is both transparent and bright, while also generating a hazy and indistinct atmosphere, providing each visiting customer with a dreamy and interactive experience.

Building facade application
The facade of the PORTS 1961 Shanghai flagship store is different from most glass brick structures. It is not confined to a vertical plane but consists of two types of glass blocks: a standard 300mm x 300mm glass block and a custom 300mm x 300mm x 300mm corner glass block. The combination of these two types of glass blocks creates a sculpted three-dimensional facade, showcasing a cantilevered structure. The use of satin glass blocks and sandblasted stainless steel materials forms a stark contrast with the chaotic urban environment.

During the day, the glass facade reflects sunlight at various angles, creating dazzling, eye-catching flashes of light. At night, with LED lights placed behind the glass bricks, the entire building is highlighted with a cool and sophisticated ambiance, exuding a strong sense of fashion.

Glass Bricks and Stone
In the landscape design of the Zhengzhou Kangqiao Zhuzi Mansion, the seemingly simple integrated covered walkway is actually constructed from a layer of glass bricks combined with a layer of Binzhou bluestone. The unique interlocking construction method is used to ensure the tightness between the blocks and the stability of the wall.

The careful selection of high-quality glass bricks, combined with the interaction of stone materials, presents a layered effect with transparency juxtaposed against solidity. As the sun casts its rays in the late afternoon, the glass bricks, with their transparent nature, harmonize with the steadfast and dignified presence of the stone, jointly interpreting the ever-changing interplay of light and shadow. This interplay resembles the concept of Tai Chi, embodying infinite wisdom and philosophy.

Glass Bricks + Wood

In a restaurant in Thailand consisting of five buildings, the construction of the exterior facade deviates from the conventional method of using glass brick masonry. In this project, steel is used as mortar, and wooden coverings are placed over the glass bricks. Under the illumination of lights, the five glass brick buildings shimmer and shine day and night.

Indoor space partitions
Architects use glass bricks indoors as decorations, serving as walls, screens, partitions, and similar functionalities.

It offers excellent transparency, increases natural lighting, making wall spaces more dynamic and interesting. Due to its solid yet hollow structure, it also provides good sound insulation. When used appropriately, it's versatile and suitable for various applications.
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