Aluminum Expanded Mesh

Aluminum Expanded Mesh

Introduction to Expanded Aluminum Mesh
Aluminum Expanded Mesh is made from aluminum plate that is uniformly punched/slit and expanded, forming openings of various shapes such as diamond / rhombus. It has a wide range of uses with effective cost, and is easy to process and install. 

Specification Factory Overview
Material: AA1100, AA3003, AA5052
Finish: PVDF coating, powder coating
Thickness: 1.5-5mm
Max size: Strand 1mm-50mm 

Max. Width: 3m

Advantages of Aluminum Expanded Mesh
1. High Strength to Weight Ratio
The high strength-to-weight ratio of the aluminium is one of the properties that makes it particularly suitable for cladding
applications for facade, the materials light weight makes it easier to handle on site. The light weight and high strength results in a low load on the supporting structure of buildings.
2. Increased Area: Expanding mesh can stretch metal up to 30 times without breaking. For example, one-meter square of metal can be expanded into a sheet measuring 10, 20 or 30 meters long, continuing to be a sheet without joins or welds. This cost-effective method for reinforcing, screening and covering and is used extensively in filtration applications.
3. Sustainable Production: Production processes of expanding metal combine traditional methods with the latest technology to minimize waste metal. 
4. Aesthetic value: Expanded mesh not only functions well, but it also comes with good aesthetic value. With appropriate design, your project will be established with a decent appearance with expanded mesh.
5. Light fantastic: When used in motorway antiglare panels and architectural solar screens and facades, the textured angles of expanded metal can be used to control lighting, either reflecting, diffusing or absorbing natural and artificial light.
6. Extensive product range: Expanded metal can be made into numerous shapes: diamonds, hexagons, square, slated, oval, circular. Varying from 0.3mm graze mesh material to 6mm heavy duty walkways and with open areas from under 10% to over 90%, the product combinations and possibilities are infinite.
7. Flexibility: Expanded metal is a very workable versatile material which can be pressed, formed, shaped, framed, welded or corrugated.

Surface treatment
Our aluminum expanded sheet surface treatment includes powder coating and PVDF spray coating;
Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) coatings are a factory-applied, resin-based coating system, typically with embedded color pigment particles that support a wide range of matte-finish colors. They are most commonly used for architectural coating applications due to their superior resistance to weathering by sunlight, moisture, or temperature.
Aluminum wall cladding, curtain wall, and roofing sheet are some of the most common applications for PVDF coatings.
Polyester powder coating is a dry material sprayed onto a work piece and then cured to form a protective covering. This method of covering and protecting objects has a number of advantages over conventional wet coverings. Polyester powder coating creates a stronger and more durable finish and is more economical and safer for the environment than many forms of liquid coatings. As a result, powder coating systems have become very common in commercial and industrial processes


Aluminum Mesh Application

1. Safra Mall- The safra mall in Singapore, using aluminum solid panel and mesh in irregular shape.
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