Curved Glass

Curved Glass

Curved glass refers to glass panels that have been shaped or bent into a curved or rounded form during the manufacturing process. This bending can be achieved through various methods, including heat treatment or lamination, depending on the desired curvature and thickness of the glass. Curved glass is often used in architectural applications to create visually striking features such as curved facades, windows, or glass canopies. It offers designers the flexibility to incorporate unique and innovative design elements into their projects while maintaining the functional benefits of glass, such as transparency and natural light transmission.

U-shaped bent steel, processing range: radius 500mm≤R≤1250mm,W≤10000mm,H≤18000mm

J-shaped bent steel, processing range: radius 150mm≤R≤1250mm, W≤3660mm, H≤24000mm

Multi-curved steel, processing range: W≤3660mm, R≥1200mm, H≤10000mm, R≥3000mm

Semi-round bent steel, processing range: radius 150mm≤R≤1250mm, W≤3660mm, H≤24000mm

Single bent steel, radius 150mm≤R, W≤3660mm, H≤24000mm

Arabic, Jarkata, Indonesia
Maximum size: 10 Ultra clear single Low-E curved tempered+19 Argon+10 Ultra clear curved tempered (Extra wide and Jumbo size=2603*3720mm)

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