Terracotta Baguette

Terracotta Baguette


About High quality terracotta baguette louver wall facade cladding
Terracotta baguettes are made from natural clay. They are extruded by the high-pressure vacuum extrusion machine. After being fired with high temperature in firing kiln, terracotta baguettes are given with high strength against the external forces and foul weather. Terracotta baguettes of different shapes, dimensions, colors and finishings are available in Togen for architect's selection. Terracotta baguette is light, moldable, fire resistant, and environmental-friendly.

Application of Togen Terracotta Baguette & Louvers
 Whether it is applied to the facade or in the interior wall, with variety shapes, colors and creative orientation, terracotta baguette can create a unique visual effect. It can function not only as exterior sunscreen system to reduce direct sun exposure and improve the aesthetics and user comfort of buildings, but also as interior decoration elements which add artistic charms to indoor environment. When designed together with terracotta panels, it works well in corners, parapets, roofs, balcony, parking buildings and etc., achieving a harmonious and integral facade effect. It's also a very special architectural design element when used alone. Terracotta baguettes of different shapes, dimensions, colors and finishing are available from Paneltek for architect’s selection. It can be customized to other irregular shapes. Nice curved and twisted baguettes and louvers represent Togen's strong R&D ability.

Product Advantages

The Advantages of Custom Terracotta Panel
1. Unique decoration element - Togen Terracotta has versatile expression of building aesthetics thanks to its wide range of shape, finishing and color selection. Togen is dedicated to creating the impressive and sustainable buildings by providing customized unique design and special surface treatment.
2. Durable material - The color of Paneltek Terracotta Panel is non-faded with time going .The physical property of resistance to chemicals, anti-freeze & thaw, resistance to thermal shock, resistance to abrasion and scratch, and resistance to stain also contribute the durability of terracotta. And the maintenance cost is low because of its self-cleaning performance and open system without sealant.
3. Safe material - Togen Terracotta Panel is non-combustible cladding material with high breaking strength, rupture modular and low linear thermal expansion. It is non-radioactive material. Terracotta cladding system is suitable for high-rise building with good resistance to high earthquake degree and high wind load. Compared with stones, terracotta, often selected as the substitute of natural stone, is much lighter which significantly reduces the building load. With Togen's reinforcement treatment, the terracotta has higher impact resistance performance.
4. Green material - Terracotta is environment friendly. Made of natural clay, Togen Terracotta Panel is non-radioactive, non-polluted, 100% recyclable and energy-saving. Due to its cavity structure, terracotta has low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation performance and acoustic performance.
5. Easy Installation - Togen Terracotta panel is relatively light material with precise size which ease the installation. And its cladding system is mostly open system without sealant work.
6.Maintanence free - Terracotta, unlike metal cladding material, is electrostatic-free, so it is not easy to accumulate dust by nature. The terracotta product also has the self-cleaning property, and with its un-faded color, terracotta facade is maintenance-free.
7. Easy-replacement - We supply terracotta products with self-design replaceable installation system which eases installation and replacement when needed. Our installation systems have been proven convenient and effective in many of our projects.

Product Display

Textures & Finishes 
Togen terracotta baguette feature diversified textures and is available with custom textures. Togen also processes world top glazing technique, with diversified textures and glazing effects.The natural surface is the most classic surface of the terracotta cladding, which can fully bring out the texture of the architectural terracotta. In addition, according to the design requirements of the building facade, the terracotta cladding can be processed with a wide variety of surface texture treatment.

Togen Standard Color
Togen offers terracotta panels with a wide range of custom and standard natural fired colors and colorful glazing. By adding specific components to the clay, Togen has managed to offer terracotta products with different shades of color. It has the characters of low consumption, no radiation, no pollution and non-faded feature. With good anti-UV capability, the color remains bright and vivid all the time.

We provide terracotta product with installation accessories. We can provide service of terracotta facade detailed design.
Installation accessories can be provided together with terracotta products, but exact accessories will be designed and proposed as per project's requirement by us.

Togen Terracotta Baguette/Louver's Processing

To satisfy different installation methods both of unitized facade system and of stick system, Togen has invented the patented machine to process different cutting, holes, notches and slots as below.

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Guangzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Center

Guangzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Center is a comprehensive center for exhibition, training, salon, education, and public affairs in Guangzhou, China. Simple but decent, the combination of beige terracotta baguettes in different orientations perfectly enriches the flavor of the façade, presenting a good taste of modernity and elegance. Through the control of density, Togen Terracotta Baguette Sunscreen lets in different amount of light in different position of the building, based on the need of different zones inside.

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