Low- E Glass

Low- E Glass

About Low- E Glass

Low-Emissivity glass is produced by magnetically enhanced sputtering of metal or metal compound coating under vacuum condition on different glass substrates, which is called as off-line Low-E or soft-coat Low-E. 
Off-line Low-E is the best product solution to high energy saving performance facades or windows, because of Low-E coating's capability of spectral selection of desirable wave-length solar energy and heat. Low transmission of invisible infrared of solar energy (with wave-length above 780nm) and desirable visible light transmission to create low shading coefficient while desirable glass color and natural light indoor; Low 
Emissivity of long wave length far infrared to create low U-Value. Off-line Low-E must be glazed into IGUs.

Low-E Glass Performance Data

The Comparision of AC Cost Saving Between Togen Double Silver Low-E Glass and Normal Glass

1. Simulation carried out under the following conditions, without considering the direction of building and sunlight. 
2. Winter: Outside: -1℃ ,inside: 22℃ ,winter heating time:140 days (Not Considering daylight hours)
3. Summer: Outside: 32℃ ,Insider: 24℃ ; Sun Direct Radiation Time: 7 hrs/day
4. Summer Cooling Time: 100 days; Air Conditioner Operation Time:12 hrs/day
5. Building Area 24000m ,Glass Area 8000m ;
6. Commercial electricity cost:1RMB/KWH

Coating Line

1.Brand name: VAAT, imported Germany
2.Located in the same premise of other processing lines
3.Max size: 2540*7000mm
4.Auto loading & unloading machines
5.Auto protection film application machines
6.The best glass washer – Bentler, Germany
7.Dedicated water treatment center
8.On-line performance quality inspectors
9.Quality standard: ASTM C1376 BS/EN1096

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