Casted Aluminum Door

Casted Aluminum Door

Cast Aluminum is a medium that embodies raw power and three-dimensional substance through its formidable casting process. Casting, a method for molding liquid metal into desired forms, finds its true potential in large-scale productions and intricate designs with complex shapes and intricate details.

Togen AlumCast Series is a testament to the artistry embedded in this material's very core. These architectural elements radiate a commanding presence, perfectly suited for those in pursuit of substantial, sculptural components within their designs.
Our range includes Cast Gates, Doors, intricate Railings and Fences, and captivating Facade Cladding Panels, each embodying the essence of cast aluminum's bold elegance.

Togen Aluminum Casting Door are a type of entryway that uses cast aluminum as the primary material. Cast aluminum is produced by pouring molten aluminum into a mold, allowing it to cool and solidify, and then removing the finished product.

Cast aluminum doors are robust and can withstand harsh weather conditions, heavy usage, and impacts. They are less likely to dent, warp, or corrode compared to other materials like wood or steel.
Aluminum naturally resists corrosion, and cast aluminum doors are no exception. This resistance ensures that the doors maintain their appearance over time, even in challenging weather conditions.

 Mulipitle Colour Selection

The surface of cast aluminum doors is often treated with weather-resistant coatings or finishes, minimizing the need for extensive maintenance. Regular cleaning with mild cleansers is usually sufficient to keep them looking fresh.
Many cast aluminum doors are designed with security in mind. Reinforced frames and robust locking systems contribute to enhanced safety for residential and commercial properties.


Application Location
Residential Homes: Main entrance doors, patio doors, and garden doors.
Commercial Buildings: Entrance doors for offices, restaurants, and retail spaces.
Luxury Properties: Cast aluminum doors are often chosen for high-end residences and luxury developments due to their sophisticated appearance.
Historical Restoration: They are suitable for historical restoration projects where a classic look is desired.

Customized Service Design Drawings for AlumCast Door

Togen Aluminum Casting Series have many patterns of aluminum casting door for your selection. Meanwhile, we are open for customization as per customers’ designs.
Togen is able to provide clients with below engineering design service
  1. Perspective View Rendering
  2. Model Shape Rendering
  3. 3D Image Presentation
  4. Structural Calculation
  5. Installation System Design Proposal
  6. Mini Sample/Mock Up Preparation
  7. Shop Drawings Preparation
  8. Fabrication Drawings Preparation
  9. Cutting List Preparation

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Modern Style

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