Digital Printing Glass

Digital Printing Glass

About Digital Printing Tempered Glass

Digital printing glass supercedes the traditional decoration systems such as screen printing and roller coating, and offer a fast, efficient means of applying graphic designs, photographic images etc. directly onto glass. Working with Dip tech authorized digital printing glass manufacturer, we are proud to supply the digital printing glass help to bring your artistic designs to life.

Advantages of Digital Printing Glass

1. Complicated patterns and various colors are available and can be customized as per design intent.
2. Permanently fire-fused to the glass surface, and ceramic ink is UV resistant, acid resistant, humid resistant.
3. Extensive color & effects palette.
4. Countless shades and infinite levels of opacity.
5. Low-E coatings can be applied over the ceramic ink.
6. Competitive price: Aim to make digital printing glass affordable to clients to create more charming and unique buildings for the world.



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