Storm-proof Louver

Storm-proof Louver


Parameters of Togen Performance Louvres


Rainwater Penetration

AL150RS-9 / VDL150-3:


Coefficient Of Entry

AL150RS-9 / VDL150-3:


Tested by BSRIA-EN-13030:2001

AL150RS-9 / VDL150-3:


Our performance louver systems are designed using air flow simulation by CFD(computatainal fluid dynamics)software to get best balance between air flow and rain defence performance

Weather Louvre: UK BSRIA/US AMCA Testing

The industry standard for weather testing of Louver in the UK was developed by BSRIA(Building Services Research & Information Association) and HEVAC adopted in 2001 as a British & European Standard: BS EN 13030:2001. The principles of EN 13030 are replicated in the USA under the AMCA Standard 500-L, “Laboratory Methods of Testing Louvers for Rating”
All of our louver systems have been tested either by BSRIA or by AMCA

Two key performance areas:
1. Rain Defence Classification
The ability to prevent rain water from penetrating the Louvre

NOTE: Water Penetration Effectiveness is measured for each of eight face velocities between 0m/s and 3.5m/s under fan driven wind at a speed of 13m/s and water sprayed as rainfall at a rate of 75 l/h condition.

2. Discharge Loss Coefficient Classification
A high coefficient means low resistance and high airflow performance

Bird Mesh Screen/ Regular Size of Insect/Bird Mesh Screen (mm)

Bird Mesh Screen (Diamond)


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