HERMES Store Front Art Study

Effortlessly fusing timeless elegance with innovation, Hermes elevates its storefronts into architectural marvels. Rooted in luxury and craftsmanship, more Hermes storefront chose terracotta cladding material, a sustainable and green material, seamlessly intertwining tradition with modernity. Beyond shopping, Hermes provides an immersive encounter, pairing personalized service with environmentally conscious design. This deliberate use of terracotta not only preserves the brand's classic aesthetic but also underscores its commitment to sustainable sophistication, making each retail space a harmonious blend of heritage and innovation.

HERMES MACAU, CHINA                                                     
Completed in 2022
Architect: RDAI Architect from France
Unique Terracotta Profile mixed with luxury glazed finish is supplied by Togen


Completed in 2023
Architect: RDAI Architect from France
The terracotta baguettes, meticulously crafted and arranged, adorn the shopfront in a manner that transcends conventional architectural elements. These slender, elongated ceramic elements, reminiscent of luxury craftsmanship, create a sense of rhythm and continuity. Their unique layout  reflects the Architect’s design intent and echoes the brand's iconic motifs, creating a visual language that communicates Hermes' identity.


Completed in 2023
Architect: RDAI Architect from France
The Architect RDAI aims to use terracotta tiles to create a sense of movement and energy, while also providing a subtle contrast to the surrounding environment. This can be achieved by using different colors of terracotta tiles and installing them in a staggered pattern. It will create a gradual transition from one color to the next, creating a beautiful gradient effect. The terracotta tiles also create a sense of depth and texture, adding to the overall design of the shop-front.


Completed in 2013

Architect: RDAI Architect from France
This shopfront using different colors of glazed terracotta panel, producing a sense of Fashion compatible with tradition. The panel is narrow and long, which is 100mm width*1200mm length. This kind of panel is hard to control quality during production and few factories can produce this kind. Finally, when we finalized the project clients were satisfied with our products.


Completed in 2020
Architect: RDAI Architect from France
This is another Hermes shopfront features a wall with a modern yet minimalist aesthetic, cleverly combining the tradition of brick making and enamel craftsmanship. The enamel-covered bricks are arranged horizontally and create volume in a unique progressive three segment pattern, which were supplied by us.

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