Laser Cut Aluminum Panel

Laser Cut Aluminum Panel

Product Introduction

Laser cut aluminum panel/aluminum mashrabiya panel is among the most versatile objects you can use in home design, indoors and outdoors. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity. You can use them to decorate a bare wall, divide a room, cordon off an area, or in any number of useful ways. 
Laser cut aluminum panel/aluminum mashrabiya panel is made in combination of the traditional exquisite carving art and modern technology to engrave various patterns on the aluminum panel. 
Nowadays, more and more buildings are using laser cut aluminum panel/aluminum mashrabiya panel as decorations to enhance their artistic beauty. At the same time, due to the unique characteristics of aluminum panel, special-shaped treatment can be carried out as well as different surface treatment, it is very suitable for the decoration of modern hotels and shopping malls.

Laser Cut Technique

Laser Cut Screens are different patterns and designs cut into a piece of chosen material, which can be used in numerous ways such as in luxury hotels, restaurants, offices, apartments and houses, they can be adjusted to any area according to the design and materials.. 

The benefits of using laser cut aluminum panels are plenty: 
1. We can offer cutting service for almost every design idea you have and facilitate the construction of your masterpiece.
2. It's a perfect combination of great strength and elegance, lightweight yet durable. 
3. Laser cut aluminum panels is a perfect choice for your artwork as it possesses good aesthetics, and it won’t be damaged easily even if it is touched by many people.

Surface Treatment

Generally, there are 2 kinds of laser cut aluminum/aluminum mashrabiya façade walls.
1. Powder Coating laser cut aluminum/aluminum mashrabiya façade wall, which is mainly used as ceiling or walls indoor. The cost is relatively lower.
2. PVDF coating laser cut aluminum/aluminum mashrabiya façade wall is with good weather, UV, as well as acid & alkali resistance. The color is vivid and non-faded with a wide variety of choices. As a result, it is perfectly suitable to be used in both interior and exterior environment.

Advantages of Laser Cut Aluminum Panel

Apart from the regular advantages of aluminum panel such as fire resistance, light weight, low maintenance, etc., there are also some other advantages exclusive to laser cut aluminum panel/aluminum mashrabiya panel.
1. Decorative appeal – Aluminum panels with geometric or abstract patterns can be attached to the wall or facade to add interest. Using different colors and patterns can quickly and easily change the style of any building . 
2. Stand-alone privacy screens – Decorative screen panels can be used as a flexible partition to create privacy in a shared room. In large rooms, screens can be used to create a “space within a space”
3. Custom cut screens add a beautiful visual and personal element inside or outside your building. They can also be used effectively at the entrance to a subdivision or neighborhood.
4. The panel can be made as custom request and be positioned according to specific decorative area.
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