Screen Printing Glass

Screen Printing Glass

About Screen Printing Glass

Screen Printing Glass is produced by depositing special mineral pigments on the glass surface which is vitrified at the annealing or tempering temperatures. This is a stable, non-biodegradable deposit, and can be made in one or more colors, and in different patterns. In addition to its decoration function, ceramic frit glass is also a solar energy controller. 

Advantages of Ceramic Frit Glass 

(1)Variety of colors and patterns stable and non- fading color , best for decoration. 
(2)Absorb and reflect solar energy- good sun-control performance. 
(3)After being tempered or heat-strengthened, it has good mechanical strength and it is safety glass. 
(4)Low-E coatings can be applied over the ceramic frit.


Product:  Silk-screen printing Glass
Jumbo size Irregular Low iron laminated Low-E DGU w/ Ceramic Frit
Project:  SM Keppel Tower Ortigas CBD, Manila, Philippines


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