Glass Fittings

Glass Fittings

Togen supply a wide range of hardware including Balustrade & Railing system, Shower enclosure and Glass fittings, and we can provide structural calculation, shop drawings and fabrication drawings as technical support for your projects. Since 2005, we have supplied our hardware for many projects in different countries, such as Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, The USA, Canada and so on.

Balustrade & Railing hardware is one of our most recommended products. Togen not only offers standard railing solutions which contains various patterns for selection, but also customized ones for internal and external application. Primarily using stainless steel of grade 316 & 304 all components are passed through strict quality parameters ensuring safety and functionality of each product.

Togen has honorably contributed its excellence in the construction of many famous buildings and benchmark projects. These achievements bring encouragement and pride to everyone in Togen. To every designer, engineer and company committed in construction industry, Togen is always the most trustworthy and reliable partner.

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