Comparison Between Togen Aluminum Roller Coating Solid Panel with Stone Embossing finish & Stone Panel

1. Cost Saving
Both aluminum roller coating panel and stone can be made to irregular shapes, 
but the cost of irregular aluminum roller coating panel can be much more lower than of irregular stone products.
For normal flat panel, the cost of aluminum roller coating panel still can be lower if we calculate all the expenses for Installation.

2. Safety Comes First

3. Realistic Stone Pattern and Textures, Rich Pattern Alternatives

Stone mining is difficult, its cutting costs and processing costs are very high, some of the precious decorative stone can be very expensive.  
Togen's aluminum roller coating panel can easily simulate any pattern you want with more competitive price.

4. Appearance

5. Durability

6. Fabrication Efficiency

3mm thk Aluminum Panel weight only 8.19kg/㎡. 
One piece of 30mm thk Granite weigh around 84kg/㎡.
It is 10 times weight of 3mm thk aluminum solid panel.

We supply the fabricated PVDF roller coating aluminum cladding panels which are ready to be mounted to the support 
structures. And the installation of aluminum panel is efficient and easy due to its light weight.

7. Time Saving (Quick Delivery)

Natural stones are not easy to purchase as they are not always available, which might delay the schedule as a result. 
On the contrary, our company is capable of producing the products and offer them to customers in a short period of time.

8. Environmental Protection
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