3D Stone-look Ceramics

Stone has always been considered a material that embodies the nobility and charm of the past and has long been a part of our interior and exterior spaces, even if its sometimes-tedious maintenance has held many back. In contrast, stone-look Ceramics combine the technical properties of ceramic stoneware with the elegant beauty and texture of stone. The use of advanced technologies enable Togen to reproduce ceramic stone in a precise and faithful way. This makes ceramic stone an effective solution for your interior wall coverings or exterior cladding.

The below poster shows our Ceramic stone projects. The whole group of design is based on flat cube blocks, which are deconstructed with natural stone texture on its surface. Then, with logical design techniques and slightly dramatic combination form, natural stone lines and carved minimalist plane are blended together to form a harmonious visual experience in contrast. With the impact and effect of light and shadow with a touch of refinement provided by textures inspired by the most desired marbles, the stone wall gains a new perspective in the ceramic mosaic format, which adds the imposing effect of light and shade, further highlighting the elegance of such rare natural stone finish.

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