Terracotta Wall Cladding | Project Review: Guangzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Center

Guangzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Center is a comprehensive center for exhibition, training, salon, education, and public affairs in Guangzhou, China. It was designed in 2007 by Mr. He Jingtang, a well-known Chinese architect, whose works include the Chinese Pavilion for Expo 2010 held in Shanghai and later reopened as the China Art Museum.

The project follows the building style of Canton, covering an area of 83,900 square meters. As the very first exhibition center in Guangzhou, located nearby Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain, it serves as a cultural landscape of the city. The architect applied an open and interactive style in the exhibition center, creating a wonderland where visitors can immerse themselves in the grand exhibition as well as the beautiful scenery around the exhibition center.

The building façade is another highlight of Guangzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Center, with the application of Togen Terracotta Baguette on the sunscreen. Simple but decent, the combination of beige terracotta baguettes in different orientations perfectly enriches the flavor of the façade, presenting a good taste of modernity and elegance. Thanks to the unique advantages of terracotta, the sunscreen has also played an important role in thermal insulation and energy saving by well maintaining appropriate interior temperature and ventilation to a certain degree. As a result, visitors are able to enjoy a nice trip inside exhibition center.

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