Classic Glaze Ceramic, Fascinating Hospitality Spaces

For many people, words like hotels, restaurants, bars elicit positive feelings. They conjure up memories and emotions associated with good service and an enjoyable culinary experience in a stylish and relaxed setting. While the interior decoration with style is the core factor that determines the uniqueness of the experience.

Today we are introducing one of the application of Ceramic Art in the Hotel settings. The glaze design is a tribute to national treasure of the ceramic art --Tianmu lamp. Please check out the project photos in the attached Poster, thousands of gradient blue textural glazed ceramic were composed in:
  • Lobby Reception
  • Inside Elevator
  • Dining Room
  • Bar Counter
  • Washroom

Ceramic/terracotta wall tiles can play a key role in interior design projects. Thanks to the enormous variety of surfaces, textures, colors and shapes, they offer huge creative potential. The range of possibilities stretches from full-body coloured surfaces with a matt finish through to original graphic and geometric designs that are not found in natural stone. Further options include decorations with a retro flavour, a used, timeworn look, metal effects and many different textures inspired by other materials such as interpretations of wood, leather, stone, carpets and fabrics, as well as three-dimensional surfaces that play with light and shadow effects. Special glaze ceramic/terracotta can have such a high aesthetic impact that it can dictate the overall design of an interior, but at the same time it has the versatility necessary to adapt to the general concept.

A successful interior, a unique image and a striking exterior must be combined to create a coherent overall concept presented with a style that is determined by materials, colors, surfaces and light. While numerous projects all over the world have shown that ceramic/terracotta is such an excellent material for these design challenges that can both applied in interior and facade.

If you are looking at more possibilities on the ceramic art in your design, please feel free to reply back.
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