Advantages of Pre-coated PVDF Roller Coating Panels vs. Spray-coated

Are you still using aluminum spray coating panels? Aluminum Roller Coating technology can greatly satisfy your various and complex pattern requirements and make them all come into reality. Let’s have a look at the abundant advantages of the finished products.

1.Excellent Flatness: Compared with spray-coated panels, aluminum roller coating panels would have better panel flatness and less distortion. The aluminum internal stress has been fully relieved during pre-coating by high-temperature baking when it is still flat, it is fabricated without being welded and unlike spray-coated panel, once fabricated the roller coating panel won't be baked again. 

2.Environment friendly: Unlike spray coating, roller coating does not create paint mist. And compared with 50% paint usage by spray coating, roller coating's paint usage is over 95%.

3.Excellent Color Consistency: Least coating thickness tolerance, least baking temperature tolerance and continuous coating on coil contribute to the excellent color consistency of roller coating aluminum panels.

4.Exquisite finish: The roller coating aluminum panel is pre-coated by way of pressing printing with non-granular, non-porous, stainless fine and smooth finish.

5.Various Patterns Available: Like roller printing technology, the roller coating aluminum panels are available with various vivid patterns including stone, timber, etc. by using different rollers engraved with different patterns.

6.High Efficiency: With automatic production line, the production efficiency is 20-100+ meters per minute, which ensures the faster delivery time.

7.Large size capacity: the maximum height of aluminum cladding panel with Pre-coated PVDF Roller Coating is 9 meters. 
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