Project Review-Kronos Sathorn Tower

KRONOS is distinguished as an unparalleled and ultra-luxurious 30-storey tower with 20,165 sqm space for offices with a typical floor area of approximately 1,150 sqm. The retail spaces, meticulously designed by Palmer and Turner Group, sprawl from the designated office area to entire floors for multi-corporation headquarters.
Kronos office building is an unprecedented interplay of the classical design elements and modern design, a balance that reflects the architecture's bold exterior and luminous interiors.

Togen’s stone pattern aluminum roller coating panel was applied in the facade of this project, with four types of panels including flat shape, grooved shape, triangular shape, and checkered shape. Total area around 9000M2. The stone pattern on the surface of the aluminum panel is very realistic, even if you look closely, it is difficult to distinguish. Through Togen's superb processing and production, this building stands out among the surrounding areas, showing a high-level and elegant style.
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