Integrated Wall System

Sandwich Panel Integrated Wall System

The integrated design and manufacture of wall structure including structural layer,
insulation layer and decorative layer, which can make the insulation layer and building the same life, convenient construction. It is an important measure to effectively solve the overall thermal insulation quality and fire safety. Three steps installation is completed by one step, higher efficiency, save 1/3 time at least.

Integrated Technology Of Building Insulation And Structure

Outer/inner skin: high grade aluminum alloy / galvanized steel / stainless steel / copper / titanium zinc 
Core: high density mineral wool
Surface finish: re-coating PVDF / special surface finish (hairline, mirror, emboss and spectra)
Standard thickness: 35mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm

Standard parameters

Fire resistance Performance A1 rating (non combustible) (GB 8624 2006)
Formaldehyde test Meets the mandatory standards of (formaldehyde release limitation on interior decoration materials artificial panels and its products), Formaldehyde release up to E1, can be directly used for indoor.
Environmental protection certification Obtained national green building material certification
K Thermal conductivity K 0.3W/(m2.k)(100mm)
High temperature and high humidity resistance performance After the high temperature and high humidity (80C, 80%RH, 24h) treatment, the tensile strength is 99.9% of standard state.
Air sound insulation 38dB(100mm)
Panel dimension Lenghs12000mm&width≤1200mm
Implementation standards GB/T 23932-2009 Metal surface heat insulation sandwich panel for buildings


Integrated Wall System

Joint types

Advantages and Characteristics:

1. Outer & inner skins of sandwich panel are connected and meshed perfectly by modified male & female PVC profiles, which completely eliminates the cold bridge and improve panel strength;
2. Plug-in installation method, simple and quick;
3. Fasten sandwich panel to support by clamp, rather than riveting or penetrated installation avoid damage for panel, meet thermal movement of wall when temperature change;
4. Double sealed treatment ensure air tightness and water tightness of wall.

Window System Matched With Walling System

Advantages and Characteristics:
1. Special sealed design, completely eliminate the hidden leakage danger in structure 
2. Window keep flush with surrounding wall panels to create a smooth wall 
3. Can be installed simultaneously with wall panel, no need to reserve window opening in advance.

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