Impact Metal Composite Panel

In the structure of metal composite panel: aluminum honeycomb panel / sandwich panel / Keloger panel, insert a special impact layer between core and outer skin. The
impact layer can quickly and evenly disperse external force of panel to achieve impact purpose.

Resist Impact, Perfect Protection

Compose: metal skins, honeycomb / mineral wool, special impact material.

Impact Test

Test Sample: 25mm thick of impact honeycomb panel and 25mm thick of standard honeycomb panel.
Test Method: with 1kg weight of steel ball free fall (height difference:1000\1500\2000\ 2500mm) strike the center of front side of sample. 
Please see the produced dent depth on sample surface below after impact test.

Test result: impact Performance of impact honeyconnb panel is 2 times of aluminum honeycomb panel.


Places of Use:
1.    The wall skirt below waistline where easy to impact (combined with standard metal composite panels).
2.    The wall decoration of places with big people flow and high impact requirement such as stations, shopping malls, theatres, libraries.

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