Why Togen Low-E Glass?

Low-E coating stands for low-emittance coating on a window or skylight. The low-e coating, placed on the inside of the insulating glass unit, enabled the sun’s short-wave energy to enter the room and at the same time prevented internal warm air from leaving the room, thus reducing the overall flow of heat through the window.

Togen, as your building materials in good hands, is ready to offer advice and services on how to make a perfect design tailored to your specific project.
1. We are experienced in low-e coating glass for many years. We can give glass performance simulation meeting the project’s optical and thermal requirement.
2. A wide range of coating performance and color for selection. With perspective view and performance specification, we can propose suitable glass and provide performance data.
3. A wide range of substrate type and color for selection, to ensure matching the performance requirement and color design intent.
4. Advanced coating technology to ensure the excellent performance and quality- Best glass coating line VAAT imported from Germany; Best glass washer Bentler; On-line auto quality and performance test instruments; 
5. Only freshly coated Low-E instead of stocked Low-E Glass will be used to guarantee the performance and quality of Low-E glass. 
6. Our Low-E is mostly coated after tempering or lamination to guarantee the quality, color consistency and performance.
7. Coating line is part of glass processing factory, which makes the coating schedule flexible and ensure the timely delivery when have replacement order.
8. Jumbo sized Low-E is available: Max. Coating Size – 3660mm*18000mm.

If there is anything else we can help, please feel free to put it forward and we will try our best to guarantee your satisfaction.
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