Why Terracotta Panel is Impressively Durable | Terracotta Cladding

Amongst all materials for exterior cladding system, terracotta panel is undoubtedly the most durable one. The mystery of its durability is hereby unraveled as follow.

1. Non-faded colors. Terracotta panels come with a wide variety of vivid colors, which are non-faded with time going by and will not be affected by UV exposure.
2. Anti-erosion. Unlike other natural materials like wood or stone, whose surface could be easily eroded by natural forces like wind and water, terracotta is made from fired clay that is not biodegradable and immune to weathering and erosion.
3. Anti-freeze & thaw. Freeze or thaw can never disable the system formed by terracotta panels as they remained intact after 100 times freeze-thaw cycle, which makes it possible for them to be used in extremely cold climate.
4. Maintenance free. Maintenance is almost unnecessary. Rainwater alone is enough to clean the terracotta panel. Terracotta panel is with low absorption rate and the façade wall system is with specially-designed joint parts, making sure the water will be well drained and preventing the forming of sediment. Furthermore, made of natural clay, which is low in metallic content, terracotta panels will not gather dust with no static electricity generated.
5. Good stability. Terracotta panel is made of natural clay and fired under a certain temperature of over 1000. Therefore, it is very stable in density, toughness, and breaking strength and will not be deformed easily by external forces.
6. Good performance against the external forces. Terracotta panel is highly abrasion & bending resistant. Tough enough, it will not be scratched easily either. In thermal shock resistance, terracotta panel also has excellent performance. All these make it strong enough against possible impact from the external forces.
7. System with proper design. The joint part of the façade wall is specially designed without the usage of glue, so there is no need to worry about the occurrence of adhesive failure. Besides, each panel plays an independent role in the system. Even when some of the panels are damaged, they can be easily replaced without breaking the whole system.

Togen terracotta panel, impressively durable according to the EN14411 test standard, is absolutely a good choice for your grand project!
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