The Appeal of Green Glaze -- Terracotta Wavy Wall

We’re introducing the Chong Qing China Resource project.
This project applied  irregular shapes glossy glazed terracotta panels as hall interior cladding, it’s transparent through the exterior glass curtain wall. The terracotta panel is having a double function to add impression on both the interior and exterior design of the building to impress its creativity and beauty.

The China Resource project’s terracotta panel is very challenging in shape, color, and surface finish.This irregular shape panel’s visible side is concave, also quite narrow and the overall thickness is 70mm. Controlling the dimension tolerance of irregularly shaped, narrow width, and uneven thickness panel is a big challenge in the industry, and also a hard-earned experience through the years. 

The shape of the units can affect how a glaze is finished as much as kiln placement, temperature, and duration of firing affect the finished product.

Lastly, the green color is beautiful but challenging finish for terracotta material. The unmistakable visual impact of ceramic glaze is achieved by a combination of color and finish. Glazes are the result of carefully selected combinations of raw materials. Oxides, nickels, and chromates come together with colored stains to create the color. Developing glaze formulas for manufacturing is a laborious and detailed process.

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