Designing Architectural Cladding With Low Light Pollution

In recent years, more and more countries and regions have paid attention to the issue of architectural building light pollution, which has many negative impacts on urban environments, such as disrupted ecosystems, energy waste, and hindered visibility of celestial objects.

To prevent such issue, terracotta panel is a good choice for cladding material to reduce such Light pollution.Terracotta panels possess a unique porous and textured surface that can effectively diffuse and scatter artificial light, creating a softer and gentler illumination. What’s more, terracotta cladding products can be designed and positioned strategically to control the direction and intensity of light emitted from buildings. This helps to reduce glare and direct light spillage.

Some might wondering the reflection on glazed finish terracotta products, to know more on it, we have done a test to compare the light reflection on glass and glazed surface terracotta panel. It obviously shows that light reflection on glazed finish terracotta panel is obvious weaker than that on glass.

By using terracotta panels, baguettes, bricks to create sun shading for façade area, can achieve above functions and effectively prevent building light pollution issue. This approach offers a practical and visually appealing solution that aligns with modern sustainability and urban development goals.

Should you have any similar concern about building light pollution, please feel free to contact us for terracotta panel proposals & solutions.
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