Terracotta Cladding | The Best Anti Graffiti Finish of Terracotta

As we know the glaze finish of terracotta is easy to clean. But what about the anti-graffiti performance?

Terracotta Cladding-Paneltek’s Terracotta glaze finish is effective against various types of graffiti media such as  oil-based marker and thermoplastic acrylic aerosol spray. So whether you’re looking to defend a shopfront or metro line interior wall from unwanted graffiti vandalism or keep your building facade looking pristine, paneltek glazed terracotta range is the graffiti resistant choice for you.

We’ve carried out lab comparing the anti-graffiti performance between different terracotta matte glaze finish and PVDF coating aluminum. Feel free to reply back and get a lab result or video about it.
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