Togen Stainless Steel Mesh, Perfect Match with Your Balustrade

Wondering how to preserve safety and beauty of your balustrade at the same time? Try Togen Stainless Steel Mesh as your balustrade infills! It would serve as fall protection and meet the construction requirements with low dead weight. Our stainless steel mesh is ideal to existing balustrades and can adapt them to the growing safety specifications. In contrast to stiff balustrade infills out of metal sticks, stainless steel mesh impedes climbing due to its flexibility and different available mesh widths.

Compared with the traditional balustrade filling systems, the mesh opening size and wire diameter can be customized, translating the architects’ design concepts into reality, providing more possibilities in terms of decoration, personality and creativity. For balconies and galleries inside and outside, or viewing platforms and tree top paths, etc., modern balustrade solutions with stainless steel mesh as infills fit into the overall picture of the building unobtrusively and offer an unlimited view.

Togen stainless steel mesh is capable of delivering satisfying performance with its weather resistance and the ability to withstand moves caused by temperature or other factors. In addition, our stainless steel mesh as balustrade infills is a one-time investment, with lower maintenance costs, generating economic benefits in the long run.

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