Shower Hinge with Cover Premium Series | Laminated Glass Door

Shower Hinge with Cover Premium Series is different from traditional shower hinges in design and appearance. With distinctive features, it will contribute to your unique shower enclosure system.

For high-end shower enclosure system, the glass door is basically fixed by the shower hinges. As the whole weight of glass door is supported by shower hinge, it should first have strong loading capability. To achieve strong loading capability, the shower hinge body is normally fixed by 4 screws, which are visible and might affect the beauty. 
However, with our excellent technology, we have developed Shower Hinge with Cover Premium Series, in which screws are hidden under the adjustable cover. Hidden screws design fits for any style of modern bathroom and can well integrate into the whole shower enclosure system.

Here we list our Shower Hinge with Cover Premium Series and specifications.
1. Shape and Angle Adjustment
1.1 Glass to Wall L Shape 90° Shower Hinge
1.2 Glass to Wall T Shape 90° Shower Hinge
1.3 Glass to Glass 90° Shower Hinge
1.4 Glass to Glass 135° Shower Hinge
1.5 Glass to Glass 180° Shower Hinge
2. Glass Thickness
2.1 10-12mm Tempered Glass 
2.1 12-14mm Tempered Glass 
3. Maximum Capacities: 50kgs 
4. Closing Type: Self-centering when within 15° 
5. Various Finish: Titanize Mirror, Chrome Mirror, Titanize Brushed, Nickel Brushed
6. Screws Offers: Allen Screws, Phillips Screws, Slotted-type Screws (Adjustable screw hole makes installation easier than ever before)

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