Reinforcement Mesh for Terracotta Products

Are you concerned about using terracotta panels in high-rise architectural building?

Well, terracotta panel with reinforcement mesh can dispel your worries.

Reinforcement mesh is made of fiberglass mesh and silane structural sealant, which can be bonded to the back or inside the cavities of terracotta products to aid retention in the event of fracture. Such mesh can widely be used to prevent the falling debris of high-rise building cladding and building envelopes that request certain impact performance, such as on façade, column, celling, soffit, canopy, fin decoration, etc. so to achieve a higher class on safety and serviceability.

It has following advantages:

•       Effectively prevent the falling debris

•       Excellent Tensile Strength

•       High Bond Strength

•       High Peel Strength

•       Strong weather resistance

•       Good fire-resistant performance

•       Excellent compatibility between Silane sealant and terracotta & fiber glass mesh

•       High temperature resistance

The presence of reinforcement mesh in terracotta panels helps to distribute loads and forces more evenly across the surface, making them more resistant to wind, seismic activity, and other external stresses. It can also improve the overall durability and longevity of the panels by reducing the risk of damage or failure.

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