Project Review: Scientific Research Innovation Demonstration Center (CADG) | Terracotta Panel Cladding

China Architecture Design & Research Group (CADG) was established in 1952. As the Central Design Company of China, CADG has always been providing professional technological and consultative service that promotes the development of building industry in China, consolidating its role as a leading design enterprise in the industry with its great influence, professional talents, advanced technological ability and high market share.

In 2011, CADG launched a construction plan of the Scientific Research Innovation Demonstration Center, which has been playing a role of office building since completed. Unlike the traditional office building, it is in possession of multiple functions to better integrate into the surrounding old areas of Beijing city and serve the local people. Café, reading corner, exhibition hall, meeting room, and small supermarket can all be found in Scientific Research Innovation Demonstration Center.

As for the façade design, Togen terracotta panels and baguettes are combined to form the building façade, achieving impressive aesthetic value. The architects used beige and orange terracotta panels and baguettes (vertical) to decorate the different building blocks in a layered manner. Through a good mixture of light and dark colors, the building facade renders a bright and vibrant tone. Each individual block of the building boasts its own characteristics, yet well-proportioned. On the other hand, the architect ingeniously left different margins between vertical terracotta baguettes, which has improved the artistic merit of the building while fulfilling the needs of excluding sunlight.