Perforation Wall Series 2 - Staggered splicing of positive and negative arcs, concise and clear Qizhong Garden Of

Location: Foshan, China
"Qizhong Garden" is a renovation project located in Foshan. The original building was a hotel completed in the early stage of reform and opening up. The design retains the original trapezoidal pick-up slab, and supports the curved perforated plate of the same specification on it. The facade adopts the positive arc of the perforated plate. Arc/Anti-arc staggered splicing method to create a concise and lively architectural image.

The arc shape, in addition to the consideration of the visual image, is more due to the needs of the component's force: the arc profile can ensure the uniform force without extra reinforcement, and only a few corner pieces between the upper and lower pick-up plates can realize its self-supporting force and it is not easy to deform. Each picking plate is equipped with 3 punching plates, and the front arc/reverse arc are staggered to form a surface.

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