Perforation Wall Series 9- The contrast between reality and reality, the subtle veil of the urban interface

North Greenwich Metro
Location: U.K.

This is a 14-meter-high metal screen wall designed for the ventilation passage and fire exit of the London subway. The thickened perforated wall is folded, and the corrugated skin plays a role of covering and revealing the internal facilities, showing a kind of veil. Such subtle dynamic effects bring a constantly changing look and feel throughout the day.

It's a project that actually exists and yet acts as if it doesn't exist. On the one hand, its location between the O2 Arena and North Greenwich tube station meant that thousands of people would pass through it every day, necessitating a strong visual identity. On the other hand, given the eclectic geometry and texture of the surrounding buildings, it needed to blend into the context as a visual "cool-off zone". The perforated metal plate sometimes allows light to pass through, bringing a clear view; sometimes it refracts and distorts the light, making the picture blurred and out of visual perception.
the translucent screen creates a subtly dynamic veil

night view

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