Perforation Wall Series 10 - Gradient Hole Aesthetics

Ryogoku Edo Swimming Pool
Location: Japan

Ryogoku Edo Bath is a spa facility facing Katsushika Hokusai Street, between the Edo Museum in Tokyo and the Hokusai Museum in Sumida. The designer expanded the original public bathroom, which tripled the total area of the bathroom. While keeping some of the bathroom interiors as they were, the rest were completely refurbished. The perforated panels with wavy patterns gradually disappear from bottom to top, reflecting the aesthetic taste of Japan's Edo period.

Edo Tour is adjacent to the Sumida Beiqi Art Museum, so Edo style and Katsushika Beiqi run through the whole, and the meaning of "travel" is emphasized in the design, hoping to create a comfortable environment where visitors can "lose freely, enjoy". At the entrance, four pieces of 20-meter-high aluminum plates are used to form the facade of the building, which integrates the appearance of the two old and new buildings; the shape of the facade is like a bathhouse curtain fluttering in the wind, and the white aluminum plates form waves like patterns with holes, from bottom to top Extending and gradually disappearing, it forms a faintly translucent ocean when the lights are lit at night, which is more eye-catching.

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