Perforation Wall Series 5 - Random interlacing of perforated aluminum panels and casing windows

Thirty-seven Phases of Dalian
Location: Dalian, China

The project is located in the core area of the old city of Dalian, transformed from an abandoned factory.
The design strategy of Dalian Thirty-Seven Phases is based on the current situation of the site, strikes a balance between sensibility and rationality, and uses multi-level emotional perception and comprehensive logical judgment to empower the project renovation. We hope to renew this old factory into a regional landmark of the city, accommodate complex formats, and ultimately make it an open and dynamic urban node.

The massing of the facade constitutes the transformation. We introduced two kinds of block groups, white perforated aluminum panels and window sets, and based on the facade grid, we used these two groups to arrange random interlaced forms, transforming the original monotonous long facade into a vision of rich light, shadow and material to experience

As the most important and prominent element in the curtain wall, the white perforated aluminum panel group is designed to warp, and the punching rate of the aluminum panel gradually decreases with the warping, and transitions to the solid aluminum panel. This combination of forms is reminiscent of the surge of waves, or the cascading sails. On the side of the warped aluminum plate, the colored glaze glass with stripes and gradients is used to superimpose more delicate layers. At the southeast corner of the building, the "waves" in two directions meet, forming the commanding height and visual core of the building.
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