The Ship of the Desert in Building Materials for the Middle East - Multifarious Terracotta

As is known to us, the Middle East building is famous for distinctive design style and exquisite decoration with Islamic culture. In terms of unique climate of Western Asia and complex pattern of decoration, performance and adaptability of building material are important factors required to be considered carefully. However, the terracotta panel maybe the most suitable building material in fashion.

First of all, the terracotta could adapt the tradition of building design and construction in the Middle East. Western Asia has a very long history using stone, bricks and clay to build house, palace and mosque, so the terracotta, which is made of clay, is the suitable material to integrate into traditional building culture and global construction fashion.

Besides, the terracotta is also a maintenance free material. Because of having no static electricity, terracotta surface has less possibility to accumulate dust, which is suitable for the most desert area in Middle East. Moreover, terracotta installation system is open system and no sealant is needed. Thus there is no issue of stains due to sealant work.

For natural surface terracotta, its resistance to stains is under the rank class 5 according to EN10545 and we also have patented solutions for stain-resistance of terracotta. When it rains or someone uses simple water jet to clean, the beads of water would drive away the dust when they evaporate or drop. And for glazed surface, its smooth surface is very easy to clean. With just one wipe, the most stains would be gone.

Additionally, the terracotta pattern can be customized to multifarious types under complex design requirements. Regarding decorative culture in the Middle East, the exterior facade and interior decoration are usually exquisite and complicated. Not only the terracotta could be designed in irregular and curved panels to meet the designers and architects demands, but also Togen is able to support clients in engineering service such as Installation system design proposal, Perspective view rendering, 3D Image Presentation, preparation of Shop drawings and Fabrication drawings.

If you are interested in this product, please reply our email so that we can provide you with our catalogue which will give you inspiration for your project, and we also can send you our quality testing reports and introduce our products at the online meeting. We are looking forward to your kind reply.

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