How to choose materials for residential facades, under the tendency of Low-carbon environmental protection – Series 4 Green material: Low-E glass

Ordinary single glass and reflective coated glass have disadvantages such as poor energy saving and light pollution. Many healthy green residential and high-tech residential projects use double glazed Low-E or triple glazed Low-E glass, or even four glazed Low-E glass instead of single-layer glass.
Low-E glass has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, good thermal insulation, superior optical performance, not only dust-proof but also beautiful.
Material features: Compared with ordinary single-piece transparent glass: Low-E glass can reduce ultraviolet rays by 25%;
Compared with reflective coated glass: Low-E glass can reduce ultraviolet rays by 14% and can also avoid light pollution;

Project 1: Liuan Xiaofeng in Zhoushan Green Town
The flat design of the facade adopts Low-E insulating glass and light-colored metallic paint profiles.
Integrating inside and outside, breaking the boundaries between indoor and outdoor. The good heat insulation performance of Low-E glass can prevent the loss of indoor warmth during winter and prevent the external heat from flowing into the room during summer, so as to keep the indoor temperature stable.

Project 2: CCCC·Xiangjianglai
The exterior facade of the building is made of large-area crystal gray Low-E glass + aluminum panels, forming a new aesthetic and creating a new-dimensional aesthetic system.

Project 3: Sunac Beijing Academy No. 1
Three-glass double-cavity insulating glass is used, and the overall facade adopts large-area glass + stone + gray tiles, and adopts energy-saving measures with ultra-low energy consumption.
The glass is made of three-glass double-cavity Double Low-E with warm spacer, filled with argon gas. The heat transfer coefficient of the whole window is ≤1.0 W/(m2.K). 250mm thick graphite polystyrene board is used in the construction of the exterior wall, which is 150mm thicker than ordinary exterior wall insulation, creating a green, quiet building that closer to daily life.

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