Honeycomb Panel installation with Unitized Curtain Wall

As previous emails which are introducing the easy installation way of honeycomb panel, today we would like to share the new way to combine honeycomb panel with unitized curtain wall

See below drawings as reference. The aluminum clamp from honeycomb panel can be ideally fixed with the curtain wall mullion/transom system and with only 3mm flat joint gap, the integration of whole curtain wall system is perfect. Meanwhile, the installation is with high efficiency and can save at least 1/3 time.
Moreover, the whole structure can be waterproof and with excellent airtight and watertight performance. And since the installation is with clamp, the strength can be uniform, which increase the stability of whole structure. 
Likewise, the honeycomb panel is able to satisfy the thermal movement requirement of curtain wall and maintain durable flatness. And since itself is composite panel, strength and rigidity can be better than single layer of panel, and integrating heat insulation, sound insulation and good decoration effect. 
Lastly, would like to share our project reference for overview. 

Shall there be any questions regarding the installation or honeycomb itself, please feel free to contact us. Thanks.
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