Overflowing With Nature - -Trending green Façades

With Vietnam’s economic position continuing to improve, it is witnessing a major boom in construction and a variety of new architecture and designs that focus on combing nature and catering to the local climate.

A growing trend in Vietnamese architecture can be found in the green façades and hanging gardens sprouting throughout the country. For example, in Naman Spa Resort in Danang, where the MIA Design studio has amalgamated white latticed screens and sweeping green plants to contrast concrete and nature. This design ingeniously uses the natural ventilation that keeps the building cool and gives the guest a refreshing experience. While green façades certainly have a distinct look, they are not spreading simply for aesthetic reasons. The practical and symbolic significance of green façades has been attracting Vietnamese architects and clients most of all.

Togen has developed a series of green shades terracotta collections with matt/natural finish, glazed finish, and special textural glaze as well.
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