Concave Curved Terracotta Panels ——The Combination of Natural Curves & Humanistic Arts

With the progress of production technology of terracotta panels, concave curved terracotta panels transform a innovative architectural vocabulary into an emerging fashion nowadays, not only representing excellent performance in function but also showing superb decorative advantages.

First of all, just like other terracotta panels, concave curved terracotta panels are fired from natural clay at high temperatures, which can be recyclable and have excellent environmental performance. And the fine and smooth surface also has good self-cleaning properties, which is valuable for long-term energy conservation and reducing maintenance costs after the building is put into operation. And its diverse specifications can adapt well to different building types and facade shapes, as well as corresponding column grids design.

Besides, the most important advantage of concave curved terracotta panels is its curved surface and decorative shape. Firstly, the curve of surface simulates the organic lines or movement of nature, like waves or winds. And with being made of clay, it can awakens people to recognize the natural reminiscence and beauty. So this feature is very suitable for the renovation project of historical buildings or the natural concept in architectural design. Additionally, concave curved terracotta panels display a strong sense of rhythm under light and shadow, which can create a beauty with strong contrast and a strong sense of order.

For example, the atrium , decorated by concave curved terracotta panels in our factory, attempts to give the space a delicate and warm feeling rather than highlight the tall and cold industrial feel of the original factory building. And the central façade consists of white concave curved terracotta panels and the glass skylight, which together create the beauty of relationship between  "Virtual& Essence" and make the light become a part of the atrium. This collocation of different building material makes people not only perceive sunlight, rain and snow as well as the changes of the seasons, but also feel the artistic atmosphere of the factory exhibition hall.

The concave curved terracotta panels enable each architectural detail to be progressively perceived from cultural atmosphere to natural concept, which can satisfy architects and designers with multifarious styles. And the concave curved terracotta panels from our company can provide numerous size specifications and color styles to match your project details. And we also have relevant installation schemes to make your project and construction better. Please feel free to to contact with us and explore more.

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