Brief introduction of aluminum veneer curtain wall

1. Material and structure
The aluminum veneer curtain wall adopts high-quality and high-toughness aluminum veneer, and its common thickness is generally 2.0, 2.5, 3.0mm. The raw material is basically a large size of 1220mm × 240mm. Its construction is mainly composed of aluminum veneer, reinforcing ribs and corner yards. Corner codes can be bent, stamped and formed directly from the panel, or riveted to the panel corner codes. The reinforcement ribs are connected with the welding screws behind the board surface to form a solid whole, which greatly improves the strength and rigidity of the aluminum veneer curtain wall, and ensures that the curtain wall has good flatness, wind resistance and earthquake resistance in long-term use. If sound insulation and heat insulation are necessary, reasonable sound insulation and heat insulation materials can be installed on the side of the aluminum veneer.
2. Surface treatment
After the surface of the curtain wall aluminum plate is prefabricated, it is painted with fluorocarbon paint. Generally divided into two, three or four layers of coating. Fluorocarbon coatings have excellent corrosion resistance, aging resistance, acid rain resistance, salt resistance, corrosion resistance and other air pollution sources, good low temperature and high temperature resistance, can resist obvious ultraviolet radiation, can maintain long-term colorfastness, and do not contain powder. ,long lasting. Wide range of color choices, customers can choose directly according to the color palette provided by the manufacturer or provide the color palette style.
3. Features
Aluminum veneer curtain wall is light in weight, high in compressive strength, waterproof, anti-fouling, fireproof, anti-corrosion, good in production and processing performance, low in maintenance cost and long in service life. The aluminum ceiling manufacturer of the project stated that the production and processing of the aluminum curtain wall is curved, and the shape is unique.
4. Scope of application
Glass curtain wall aluminum veneer is suitable for the walls of various rooms, lobby doors, pillars, viaduct aisles, overpasses, elevator car sides, terrace packaging, advertising signs, and room ceiling decoration design.
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