Togen Perforated Panel Would Gussy up Your Building

Togen proudly recommends aluminum perforated panels with desirable appearance and performance suiting a variety of purposes, with different surface treatments available. Lightweight, durable, environmentally friendly and decorative, perforated aluminum panels can be processed by three approaches:
  1. CNC Machine Punching, which can realize mass and rapid perforation.
  2. Engraving Carving Machine, flexible with different patterns but lower cost than Laser Beam Perforation.
  3. Laser Beam Perforation, a technique with higher precision and flexibility.

Some advantages of our perforated panels are as follows for your reference.
  1. Customizable with a wide range of hole patterns for selection, projecting different styles.
  2. Preserving privacy while letting in light through its holes without direct solar radiation, with good light transmittance.
  3. Capable of controlling ventilation, thus saving energy and maintenance cost.
  4. Sound insulation and echo prevention.
  5. Great strength and durability.
6. 100% recyclable and consuming about 10%-40% less metal than solid panels.

Togen is not only able to provide the cost estimation but also for the design proposal of installation and perforation patterns. Your inquiry will be highly appreciated. We sincerely look forward to your kind reply. Many thanks in advance.
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