Perforation Wall Series 3 - Splicing of wavy aluminum plates, jumping mosaic

Vanke Wuyang Port Apartment
Location: Guangzhou, China

As the central urban area with the smallest area and the highest population density in Guangzhou, Yuexiu District still has many legacy areas that are slightly out of touch with the high-speed urbanization——urban villages. The renovation project this time is a well-known urban village located on Siyou Erma Road, Yuexiu District.

The building serves as the facade connecting the city and the urban village. How to increase the integration with the city and maintain the cohesion with the community after the renovation is one of the key demands of this facade renovation.

We studied and communicated about the punching method and proportion of the aluminum panel on the facade. After repeated proofing and confirmation, we chose the wavy punching aluminum panel to wrap the façade extending from the two ends of the atrium to the exterior. We strived to echo the punching pattern with the splicing mosaic of original building facade, to “reduce the weight” of the entire building through the semi-transparent covering layer and lighting setting, and meet the heavy traffic outside the house by the lightsome “rhythm” and jumping volume division.

The rhythm of the facade can be seen from the sidewalk

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