Advantages of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer curtain wall

1、 Higher cost performance: fluorocarbon aluminum veneer is commonly used in aluminum veneer, which depends on the cost performance of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer. Among all kinds of aluminum veneers, the quality is relatively good
2、 Stronger decoration: compared with the traditional ordinary woodworking board ceiling, fluorocarbon aluminum veneer has more diverse forms and novel colors, and can match with different rooms to create different decorative effects
3、 Strong sound insulation: fluorocarbon aluminum veneer is also characterized by strong sound absorption and high noise during ceiling use, so the sound absorption effect is also an important factor to be considered in decoration
Advantages of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer curtain wall
4、 Waterproof and moisture-proof: the ceiling is an environment with high humidity in the family environment, and the waterproof and moisture-proof fluorocarbon aluminum veneer is people's inevitable choice
5、 High visual expansion: fluorocarbon aluminum veneer can generally expand the indoor area more, especially the transparent fluorocarbon aluminum veneer of glass, which has better effect. When used in the environment with good daylighting, it can also increase the daylighting of ceiling and reduce humidity
6、 High environmental protection: compared with other aluminum veneers, fluorocarbon aluminum veneers obviously have higher environmental protection. Now environmental protection has become one of the biggest influencing factors for people to choose furniture, which is probably one of the important reasons why fluorocarbon aluminum veneers are so popular Everyone on earth knows that aluminum has the characteristics of wet expansion and dry shrinkage Since the aluminum veneer is sealed on six sides, you can directly see that the bottom and top of the aluminum veneer are sealed with paint, which can play a better moisture-proof effect We use it more easily
7、 Abrasion resistance: compared with other spaces, the use frequency of aluminum veneer is relatively high, and the environment of ceiling itself is relatively bad, so the degree of abrasion resistance determines people's choice
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