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Ceramics were produced in China as far back as the Han dynasty (206-220 BC). Chinese factories have inherited and carried forward the traditional ceramic glazing techniques. Today we would like to present one of the major decoration technique of ceramics, also known as under glaze painting.

This technique requires our artists to train for months in order to perfect the method of freehand painting and coloring directly onto dried blank body (semi-finished product). This makes an enormous difference to the end product because the base glaze and artist’s work are fired together at the same time. In this way the color is well preserved and lasts for a long time as the color of the paint is well locked under the glaze.

Such painted ceramics are can be customized according to architect’s intent and are widely used in interior wall cladding such as show in below poster.

If you’re thinking about designing /customizing special wall decor art with under glaze painted tiles in or need some extra help deciding how to arrange them, Togen also offer a layout design service and customized pattern. Please feel free to reply for further assistant.
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