Jumbo size glass-Impress at first sight

Togen’s jumbo size glass redefine the possibilities of construction, dissolve the boundaries to connection indoors and out, energize and enlighten interiors with natural light, and impress at first sight with larger than life designs.

Jumbo size glass can be used for public buildings, real estate sales offices, high-end shopping malls, car showrooms, museums, aquariums and so on. It can provide a seamless and aesthetically pleasing look that enhances the overall visual appeal of the space.

Our jumbo size glass is available with multiple high-performance on clear or ultra-clear substrate which allow architects and designers greater flexibility to specify coated glass or jumbo size even in 3D curved shape that meets their performance and aesthetic goals.
Below is some advantages of Togen’s Jumbo size glass:

*Competitive Costs: with long-term corporation relationship with raw material supplier, Togen is able to get the competitive price on float glass in jumbo size, interlayer product and etc.
*Equipment Advantages: our integrated furnace can handle flat and bent steel with maximum processing sizes of 22 meters by 3.66 meters and 18 meters by 3.66 meters, respectively. This makes it possible for us to produce large, curved glass panels that meet the demands of our customers.
*Quick delivery time: with sufficient stock material lead time can be 4-6 weeks from China.
*Strict quality control: with advanced equipment and strictest quality control system, the roller wave and bow can be controlled even stricter than international standard and with excellent appearance.
*Plenty of overseas project: we have many overseas projects, working in the biggest Podium projects and have plenty of experience in this product range.

Shall there be any inquiries regarding jumbo size glass, even in 3D curved, please kindly let us know. Thanks.

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