Togen Unitized Curtain Wall System-Most Efficient Cladding System

The unitized curtain wall system is a curtain wall unit, which is pre-assembling aluminum / steel mullion, façade cladding material, thermal insulation materials, shock absorption and waterproof materials and other components in the factory, transported to the construction site and directly connected with the building structure.

Stick curtain wall system is to transport all the façade material to the site and install the aluminum/steel mullion, façade cladding material and accessories step by step on site.

Comparing with stick curtain wall system, unitized curtain wall system has following advantages:
1. Easier to control the curtain wall unit’s quality in the factory
2. Higher installation efficiency and easier management on site
3. Lower labor cost on site
4. More flexible structural size adjustment
5. Better water resistance
6. Easier to meet the requirements of high-performance curtain wall

In summary, unitized curtain wall system is a better choice for high-grade architectural building. Moreover, we Togen can not only provide the unitized curtain wall, but also help design the curtain wall system with relative calculation.

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