Aesthetically & pleasing expanded metal

Looking for more products for decoration? Looking for budget-friendly material for air penetration usage? Here we are proposing new one - aluminum expanded metal.
Aluminium Cladding Sheet-Aluminum expanded metal has become the preferred choice for applications of architectural ornamental projects. E.g. building facade & cladding, ceiling, interior decoration like partition wall, security guard/railing, window protection, parking area as well as functional sunshade panels.
* Ventilated and breathable configuration, to reach opening as 34%-70% as per different designs.
* Attractive appearance, allows easy passages of sound, air and light.
* Durable, long service life.
* Naturally lightweight, Excellent strength to weight ratio.
* Easy for installation.
* Versatile, shape, size, color and surface treatment can be customized.
* Affordable and economical, saving 50% cost comparing to other aluminum perforated products.
* Recyclable.
Being stretched to a wide array of diamond shaped openings, the sizes and shapes of mesh openings vary with the incision size and tensile strength. Standard patterns is as attached picture.
In recent years, these aesthetically & pleasing expanded metal sheets frequently appear in architectural decoration design schemes. Whether in office buildings, hotels & clubs or gymnasium or parking lot, aluminum expanded mesh is very desirable and economical. Please kindly let us know if you need any samples!
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