Oversized Glass

Oversized Glass

About Oversized Laminated Glass 

TOGEN® Oversized Glass specializes in the production and R&D of special glass such as ultra-thick and super-large tempered, laminated, insulated, low-e insulated, ceramic frit, curved, curved laminated, curved insulated, etc. It also continuously innovates in composite products, providing high value-added products such as multi-layer PVB, multi-layer SGP laminated glass, multi-layer laminated low-e insulated, multi-layer curved laminated, multi-layer curved insulated, etc. The width of TOGEN® oversized glass ranges from 3-3.66M, with a length mostly concentrated between 5-22M, and a thickness of 6-25mm. The products are mainly used in large-scale integrated public projects, real estate sales offices, high-end shopping malls, 4S stores, museums, oceanariums, and other applications.

Advantages Of Oversized Glass

1.Raw Material Advantages
Our factory is located near major raw glass suppliers such as Hebei CSG and Tianjin Xinyi. The transportation cost of raw materials is much lower than other oversized glass factories.

2.Curved And Tempering Furnace

The maximum processing size for flat glass is 22M*3.66M, and the curved size is 18M*3.66M meters. It can process bent glass using a gradient mode.

3.High-pressure Autoclave

The maximum processing size for laminated glass is 20M*4.2M, which is currently the leading equipment in China. It can ensure the quality of various laminated glasses, especially multi-layer PVB laminated and multi-layer SGP laminated.

4.Insulated Glass Production Line

We have equipped with one automatic insulated glass production line from Hanjiang, with a maximum processing range of 10M*3.3M. It can perform online gluing and inert gas filling, and can complete insulated glass up to 120mm in thickness online. In addition, manual insulated glass can be produced up to a maximum size of 22M*3.66M.

5.Drilling And Milling Machine

The 10M*3M drilling and milling machine can solve 90% of the order's hole drilling problem, improving the precision and efficiency of hole drilling, and guaranteeing the quality of glass.

6.Heat Soaked Test Furnace

One 20M*4.2M Heat Soaked Test Furnace
, with a prevailing processing ability in China.

7.CNC Glass Processing Center

We have a 20M*3.66M super-large CNC glass processing center, which is also very rare in China. This equipment can complete multiple functions, including drilling, polishing, and shaping, with high processing accuracy and stable polishing.

8.High-temperature Digital Printer

We also have an 18M*2.8M super-large high-temperature glass digital printer, which can replace traditional glaze printing mode, to restore the true colors to the maximum extent, without the cost and storage space of traditional silk screen.


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