Weather Louvre: UK BSRIA/US AMCA Testing

The industry standard for weather testing of Louver in the UK was developed by BSRIA (Building Services Research & Information Association) and HEVAC adopted in 2001 as a British & European Standard: BS EN 13030:2001. The principles of EN 13030 are replicated in the USA under the AMCA Standard 500-L,  "Laboratory Methods of Testing Louvers for Rating"

All of our louver systems have been tested either by BSRIA or by AMCA


Two key performance areas

1. Rain Defence Classification
The ability to prevent rain water from penetrating the Louvre

Class Effectiveness Max. allowed Rain penetration I/h/m2
A 1 to 0.99 0.75
B 0.989 to 0.95 3.75
C 0.949 to 0.80 15.00
D Below 0.80 Greater than 15.00

NOTE: Water Penetration Effectiveness is measured for each of eight face velocities between 0m/s and 3.5m/s under fan driven wind at a speed of 13m/s and water sprayed as rainfall at a rate of 75 l/h condition.

2. Discharge Loss Coefficient Classification
A high coefficient means low resistance and high airflow performance

Class Airflow Effectiveness Performance Rating
1 0.4 to 1 Excellent
2 0.3 to 0.399 Very Good
3 0.2 to 0.299 Good
4 0.199 & below Fair
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