Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass features an interlayer bonded between two or more glass plies using heat and pressure. It is a type of safety glass that holds together when shattered. In the event of breaking, it is held in place by an interlayer, typically of PVB or SGP, between its two or more layers of glass. The interlayer keeps the layers of glass bonded even when broken, and its high strength prevents the glass from breaking up into large sharp pieces. 

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We have contributed to 5000+ overseas projects and served 4000+ international clients, including international top contractors, consultants, architects, and developers. Also, comprehensive services are available in Togen, where clients have access to material supply, design proposal, technical support, structural calculation, quantity survey, perspective view rendering, free sample, quality control, and after-sales service. Besides, we have also received tests and achieved certificates based on ASTM and AS.

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Feature & Performance

Acoustical Performance Data

(1)Security: laminated glass provides effective defense against vandalism, violent invasion. Multi-layers laminated can also be made for bullet proof or explosion proof glass. 
(2)Safety: Once broken, the all the glass chips would still stick on the PVB and remain original shape, which brings no harm to human.
(3)Noise reduction: PVB membrane is excellent on blocking noise. (Reference Acoustical Performance Data)

Advantage of Laminated Glass

1. Raw Material

    Clear float glass with higher transmittance, less greenish and more closer to Ultra-clear (Low-Iron) glass.

    Stock of various tinted glass for different client's demand.

2. High Production Capacity

    9 float glass lines with big capacity making sure the quick delivery.

    Available in jumbo size and multi-layer lamination up to 20 meters height.

    6 Tempering lines with Heat Soak Test.

    4 Insulating lines.

    3 laminated glass production lines with capacity for producing safety laminated glass of 1000 ㎡/day, with thickness ranging from 2 to 19 mm.

3. Certified by Kuraray to produce SGP laminated glass

4. Strict Quality Control

    Enquiry Stage: Evaluated by Tech. Dept. to ensure the production feasibility and quality control ability.

    Order Evaluation: Work out QC Plan for specific project and highlight the QC key points by Tech. Dept..

    Mass Production: Provide Daily Quality Inspection Report with detail photos.

    Finished Products: Provide Final Quality Report with detail photos.

5. Certificates

    American Standard - ASTM C1376  SGCC.

    Australian Standard - AS/NZS 2208.

    Malaysia Standard - MS 1498.

    Thailand Standard - TIS 1222-2560.

6. Lead Time: 2-4 weeks
7. Services

    Material solution consultancy during design stage.

    Product proposal.

    Detailed design and technical support from design to supply.

    Order tracking.

    Financial support.

    Quick action on NCR claim.

8. Project Reference: 2000+ worldwide projects.

Frequently Asked Question

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Laminated glass is also used in car windshields as it provides maximum protection in the event of an accident. It can also be used as structural glass for the construction of glass railings, glass floors, skylights, roofs, sun spaces, curtain walls, glass facades, etc.

This is because laminated glass is not only much stronger than normal annealed glass, it is not easy to break, but in rare cases it does break, it does not shatter into sharp shards, but glass shards stick together to form a cobweb-like pattern, thereby reducing the chance of serious injury.

1. Processing temperature or soaking time is not enough. 2. Stain on the surface of glass is not totally cleared. 3. Expiration of interlayer material. 4. Quality of interlayer such as the moisture content 5. Pairing of glass

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